Awesome Hands-On Training. Out of the Box or Personalized.

Lead Liaison offers multiple pre-packaged training modules to help new or existing clients accelerate the use of Lead Liaison’s Revenue Generation Software®. Not all sessions of the training agenda have to be provided and clients are welcome to piecemeal modules to fit their needs. Whether we are training an individual, team, or group we are ready to educate. A Lead Liaison Representative will work with the client to customize the training based on the license purchased and the client’s schedule and needs.

Out of the Box Training Modules

Configuring Lead Liaison

  • Creating personal filters
  • Setting up
  • Mapping fields
  • Managing users
  • Managing roles
  • Basic automation setup

High-Level Overview Lead Liaison

  • Introduction to our Revenue Generation Software® Platform
  • Overview of the application user interface
  • Who should use Lead Liaison and why

Marketing Automation

  • Understanding automation
  • Creating workflows
  • Managing workflows
  • Programs and campaigns
  • Understanding Sparks

Email Marketing

  • Importing email lists
  • Creating and sending email campaigns
  • Real time responses
  • Sending surveys
  • Measuring results
  • Running split test email campaigns

Lead Generation

  • Overview of Visitors page
  • Daily lead report
  • Hot lead dashboard
  • How to use lead qualification
  • Convert more visitors

Sales Prospecting

  • Recycling business contacts
  • Trading and buying business contacts

Social Media

  • Posting on behalf of your team
  • Adding social accounts
  • Posting options
  • Using the Buffer
  • Social analytics

Desktop Tools

  • Streamer and Send & Track overview
  • Installing Send & Track
  • How to use Send & Track
  • Installing Streamer
  • How to use Streamer Integration

  • Installing Lead Liaison for
  • Synchronizing leads
  • Data pushed into

Video Marketing

  • Creating a video
  • Tracking video activities
  • Converting more visitors using video
  • Analyzing the best performing videos
  • Sending video-based emails

Database Segmentation

  • Types of segmentation
  • Creating lists from segmentations
  • Viewing segmentation members
  • Keeping segmentations clean

Content Creation

  • Overview of content creation
  • Types of content
  • Managing the workflow
  • Receiving alerts
  • Publishing content

Lead Distribution

  • Distribution methods
  • Setting up a basic lead distribution
  • Distribute based on availability
  • Setting up a service level agreement (SLA) with sales


  • Daily lead report
  • Buy signals
  • Favorites
  • Duplicates
  • Alerts in automation


  • Analytics overview
  • Measuring effectiveness of web forms
  • Measuring effectiveness of landing pages
  • Measuring effectiveness of emails
  • Program, campaign and lead source ROI

Landing Pages and Web Forms

  • Landing page designer
  • Web form designer
  • Web form types
  • Blocking competitors
  • Blocking person email addresses
  • Using progressive profiling