Know Who’s Interested

Lead Liaison provides a plug-in to Microsoft Outlook called Send & Track™. Send & Track™ seamlessly integrates into Outlook. Using Send & Track™ allows sales and marketers to send a message to any number of recipients (not just one), embed hyperlinks to your corporate website, and track recipients click patterns as they enter, and step through, your site after clicking a hyperlink. Sales and marketing will know if the recipient followed through with the message and what they were interested in. This saves considerable time filtering out only interested recipients. More importantly, you will know when the recipient took action on the message. If they took action, they might be at their desk and it is a good time to follow up.

Lead Management Outlook Plugin

Improve Efficiency

Considerable time can be saved by using Send & Track™. Our research shows that some companies manually enter a lead into their CRM, manually look up information on the company the lead works for using various heterogeneous tools, then sends them a message. When the message is sent it goes into a black hole and the sales and marketing “hopes” they will hear back from the lead. Take control of the process by using Send & Track™ which will automate the entire process of entering the lead and company profile information into your CRM while tracking future activity. This represents a fully automated lead life cycle management process from start to finish resulting in considerable time savings. Sales and marketers no longer have to manually enter information into their CRM, spend precious time calling the lead to find out if they have checked out the e-mail you provided, and guess when the recipient is available and interested.

Real Time Identification

The name of the recipient will show up in Lead Liaison’s web application in addition to Streamer™, the desktop application. If the name of the person is not available their e-mail address will show up. The subject of the e-mail and source of the lead (Send & Track™ in this case) is also provide. This allows sales and marketing individuals to easily and personally identify the prospect for prompt follow up.

Automated Synchronization to CRMs

Customers can optionally choose to auto-sync any visitor to their corporate website that came from a Send & Track™ message. The lead, along with their company profile such as industry, revenue, location, description, and more, is automatically pushed into the CRM saving valuable time and improving efficiency in the lead management process. If the visitor is already in your CRM system or they were auto-synced an activity history will be recorded for them. The activity history shows a Send & Track™ e-mail was sent to them and all future activity including pages visited, business profiles, lead scoring and more will be auto-synced with the user.

You Won’t Feel a Thing

A primary design goal of Send & Track™ was to minimize the impact to how a user sends an e-mail today using Microsoft Outlook. A small button is added to the Outlook Send Message process, the button contains two components. On the right side there is a button to insert a hyperlink. Hyperlinks can be inserted on any number of words in the e-mails. Alternatively, users may type out the absolute URL (http://www…). On the left side there is a button to send the message. Users click this button instead of the traditional Send button, which is the only change in the process, nothing else is different. Prior to the e-mail getting sent the Send & Track™ engine will automatically scan the body of the e-mail, convert all links for your traceable domain names to allow detection of the recipient, and parse the message out to anyone in the To:, Cc:, and Bcc: fields. As a result, any visitors from the message, whether in the To:, Cc:, or Bcc: field who visits your corporate website will be tracked.