Robust Features

Lead Liaison’s revenue generation software provides a number of powerful features to help B2B marketers and sales professionals sell more and do less with sales prospecting, marketing automation, and lead generation solutions. Click a feature below to learn more about the individual solution.

Email Marketing

Send personalized emails to multiple contacts at once. Send email on behalf of sales. Trigger email campaigns based on prospects online activity.

Lead Distribution

Distribute leads in real time from web form submissions, hidden visitors, and email campaigns based on demographic and behavioral characteristics.

Lead Nurturing

Nurture leads through the revenue cycle by sending them personalized email campaigns based on the prospects interests. Help your prospects keep your solutions top-of-mind.

Lead Tracking

Track leads on your website in real time. Know which person and company is online and what their interest is. Quickly identify the business using Lead Liaison’s business intelligence data.

Lead Management

Setup workflows to score, distribute, segment and nurture new or existing leads. Remove complexity by automating these processes using drag/drop technology.

Lead Scoring

Automatically qualify a lead based on standard and custom parameters. Scoring rules are defined by each company based on their goals.

Database Segmentation

Segment your database based on your contacts demographics and past/future activities. Segmentation enables marketers to target prospects with relevant content.

CRM Integration

Full-scale integration with and other CRMs using our CRM integration API. View online activities, scores, and more within your CRM.


Pull reports to show information on your leads and justify marketing investments. Prove to your team that revenue generation software drives revenue.

That’s Not All! More Unique Solutions…

Visual Landing Pages

If you can design a PowerPoint slide you can build a landing page with Lead Liaison’s software. Drag/drop landing page elements onto a canvas and include web forms to produce new content in minutes.

Sales Prospecting

Improve sales prospecting efficiency by searching millions of businesses and contacts, news, competitors, jobs, finances and more before making a sales call. Buy or trade business contacts with a few clicks.

Magic Forms

Build web forms using drag and drop technology. Spin up a new sign up form or landing page form in minutes. Use progressive profiling to collect bits of information over time.

Desktop Software

Use Windows desktop software to identify who is online in real-time. Distribute leads, import them into your CRM, view lead scores and more. A plug-in for Microsoft Outlook is also available to help generate leads.

Real Time Alerts

Real time capability is layered across many areas of Lead Liaison. For example, get notified via a text message if a hot lead (defined by you) is online. Minimize turnaround time and respond before your competitors.

Social Media Marketing

Be more effective in social media by automating, analyzing and tracking social media posts to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Lead Grading

Automatically grade prospects to gauge how well they fit your company’s ideal buyer profile.