How to Generate Leads with Your Business Blog

Business blogs have become one of the most powerful and cost-effective marketing tools available. It is as effective for growing fortune 500 businesses as it is for small start-ups. Done well, blogging allows companies to share important information about themselves or the industries that they are a part of, create brand awareness, educate their audience, and perhaps most importantly, generate leads.

The trick lies in the “done well” caveat. While blogging doesn’t have to be complicated, it isn’t as simple as just sharing your thoughts and opinions if your goal is to generate leads and grow your customer base. Here are some great tips to keep in mind when planning your blog. Incorporating these ideas into your regular posts will help turn your business blog into a lead generating machine!

Include Call to Actions in Your Business Blog

Incorporating call-to-actions (CTAs) into the copy of each of your blog posts is a must for you to effectively gather contact information on potential leads. When thinking about what type of CTAs to use and where best to use them keep a few things in mind…

CTAs located at the top of your blog is a proven method for getting people to start considering the benefits of subscribing from the moment they lay eyes on your post. They may not fill it out right away, but the seed has been planted and if they like what they are reading, they are very likely to give into the urge to subscribe.

Likewise, include a CTA in the footer of your post. If a viewer has read the entirety of your post it is likely they were enjoying the information. A CTA at the end grabs their attention when they are most engaged with your post and hopefully wanting more!

Offer Exclusive Content

By offering your potential clients something that they cannot get anywhere (or everywhere) else, you are making a great case for them to give you their contact information. Start with a great post that is valuable to the reader, and then offer exclusive information that goes even further in depth on the topic or helps to solve the issue at hand, but only for those who are subscribers to your page.

Offering your subscribers free downloadables to things like templates, tools, e-books, white papers, reports, how-to guides, etc. is an excellent way encourage them to share their email address and subscribe to your blog.

Make sure that the item you are offering as your “lead magnet” is valuable. It should answer a specific question relating to the post topic or help with a specific problem that your audience is likely to have. It should also be easy to obtain and take no longer than a minute or two to receive.

Answer Comments with Relevant CTA’s

When a reader cares enough about a topic and what your post had to say on that topic, to leave a comment, share additional information, or ask a question, you know that they are a valuable lead. The simple fact that they are engaged enough to take the time to continue the conversation should be a queue to your company that they are your target audience.

That is why including a CTA that offers more information or helpful tools on the topic along with a well thought out reply/answer is a great way to generate highly qualified leads. Remember that many blogs don’t allow links to be published in the comments section for fear of misuse, spam, and self-promotion. Use these sparingly and make sure they are clearly represented as a valuable incentive directly related to the comment or question left by the viewer.

Meet Your Lead Generation Goals

Publishing a well thought out blog with high-quality information is just the first step to getting potential clientele interested and knowledgeable about your brand. Including CTAs and valuable “lead magnet incentives” is equally, if not more important, in converting that curious audience into valuable clients/customers. Take the time to thoughtfully place CTAs within each post and work to include valuable incentives that readers are likely to want/need, and you will be meeting (and hopefully exceeding) your lead generation goals in no time.

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Author Bio: Sacha Ferrandi is the Founder and Principal at Source Capital Funding Inc. and Texas Hard Money. As an expert in commercial and residential real estate with over 12 years of experience in the industry, Sacha works with properties of all varieties. Since the inception of his company, Source Capital, he has been responsible for overseeing the entire firm’s operations including the funding of hundreds of millions of dollars in private loans.