Desktop Lead Tracking

Corporations spend lots of money driving prospects to their website in an effort to convert them to paying customers using email campaigns, trade shows, inside sales efforts, direct mailing, and more. In summary, there are many ways to drive companies to a corporation’s website. However, 96% of the companies visiting a website go unnoticed. Lead Liaison Streamer™ is the first real-time Lead generation desktop software to capture these invisible prospects to provide knowledge to marketing and leads to sales.
Lead Generation Desktop Software

What is Lead Liaison Streamer™?

Lead Liaison Streamer™ is a browser-less desktop client that streams real-time information about businesses visiting your website across the bottom of your computer screen. Streamer can be used for active sales and marketing intelligence and a great motivator for sales teams by infusing urgency and awareness into the lead generation process. Just like a financial ticker streams stocks, Streamer dynamically displays your business traffic in real-time.

Find out the visitors status (offline, online, chatting, invited, declined), how many pages they viewed, and what search words they used to locate your website. Relay critical information about the lead such as whether or not they are synchronized into, what their lead score is, and if they visited your sight from an email campaign or visited your site from a regular email sent from Microsoft Outlook using Send & Track™. Delve deeper into the lead by seeing their description, location, revenue, industry, NAICS code, and website then start your prospecting by getting contacts, news, and even more information on the lead and their behavior during their visit. Streamer also identifies business contacts in our database to purchase for quick sales prospecting.

Cool Features


Setup your own personal filters through Lead Liaison and dynamically run them in Streamer. Once you log in to Streamer you will see all the filters you established in the web application. Setup filters based on country, state/province, company, date range, number of web pages viewed, search terms and zip code. In a few clicks you can switch filters to run a different view, all in real-time. Filters are great for Regional Sales or Account Managers that only want to see leads for a certain geography or set of accounts.

Real Time Status Display

Streamer displays the visitors status in real-time. The visitor’s status could be offline, online, chatting (with a coworker via Engager), invited (to chat via Engager), or declined (a chat via an invitation through Engager). Individual icons represent the visitor’s status. Sales can use these real-time status indicators to determine when prospects or customers are at their desk. If they are, perhaps it is a good time to call them.

Instant Business Intelligence

Hovering your mouse over Streamer’s leads will pause Streamer and the selected lead will turn gray. When a User clicks on the lead a pop up window is displayed that quickly shows the visitors business profile such as revenue, location, website, industry, NAICS code, and description. Furthermore, a User can get news about the organization, find people at the organization, dive deeper into the behavior of the lead such as their click pattern through the website, and e-mail the lead to others all within the pop up interface.

Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

With a click of a button, Streamer will send a lead to a recipient of your choice via e-mail. Details on the lead such as revenue, location, web address, and description can be sent to a coworker, employee, manager, etc. to share activity and leads. Any User with an Enterprise License may use Streamer so the opportunity for collaboration is unlimited.

Pages Viewed

Streamer displays how many pages, in real-time, the visitor viewed. While Streamer is scrolling across your desktop screen it will keep a real-time count of the pages. This feature gives Sales an immediate indication of the visitors interest level.

Keyword Display

Streamer displays the business name of the visitor as well as the keywords they used in a search engine to find your website. This information is ideal for Marketers looking to optimize their online advertising campaigns and search engine optimization techniques. Additionally, Sales can use this information to better understand what the visitor was interested in to focus follow up efforts in the right area.

Dual Run-Mode

Streamer runs in two modes, continuous and changes only. In continuous mode, Streamer will display visitors to your companies website from start to finish repeatedly for a filter you choose. For example, if you run the “today” filter you would see leads from the beginning of the day through the end of the day along with any changes in status. The leads would cycle through from start to finish. This mode is ideal for Marketers or Executives that want to gain an understanding of their overall business traffic throughout the day. Like a financial ticker, this allows people to keep a watchful eye on their business. Changes only mode will display all leads for a given filter then only leads that are online, invited, or chatting. This mode is ideal for Sales people who may only want to see who is online at that moment. Appropriate action such as engaging the visitor in a live eMeeting via Engager or calling them up can be taken.

Flexible Operation

Streamer can be paused, played, reset, and shutdown all within one click of the interface. Additionally, the settings screen within Streamer allows for ultimate customization such as speed, height, user log in, filter selection and more. Flexible operation offers the ability for the User to analyze their leads and optimize Streamer to their visual preferences as well as computer capabilities.

Seamless CRM Integration

If a prospect is identified in Streamer and the lead generation information should be part of your sales process Lead Liaison can fully synchronize the lead with leading CRM systems such as Business intelligence information such revenue, industry, employees, location, web address, and description along with pages visited (click pattern), chat history, and more can be automatically populated into your CRM saving critical time and making a seamless transition from Streamer to your lead generation process. Once synchronized to your CRM, Lead Liaison can score your lead, alert you of future activity, and get pushed up through the nurturing process via Lead Liaison’s marketing automation techniques.